Organic Search

Did you know that most websites are invisible? Not invisible to the business owner of course, or to their mothers, their kids and their friends, but invisible to their customers. Statistics show that over 90% of websites are not found through basic Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. searches (known as organic search results).

Organic search results are free and happen when the search engines decide to display your website in response to a customer inquiry. You want good organic search results (page 1 would be nice) because once you have a good page ranking it works round the clock to bring customers to your website, for free. Of course your competitors want to be on page 1 too, so how do you win your slice of the organic search pie?

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, determines what the major search engines are looking for and helps you create and style your website content so they sit up and take notice. Ah, if it were just that simple. Turns out the search engines, Google in particular, change their minds about what they like on a regular basis. The solution? Good, basic content SEO has never gone out of style.

At Cowichan Valley SEO I specialize in good, basic content SEO and you may be surprised to learn what your website is lacking. It often does not take much to optimize the content of a website enough to make a substantial difference to search engine rankings. My Basic SEO Package may be the best $100 you can spend on your website!
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