Meta Tags

Are basic meta tags a little old fashioned? Yes. Are they passé? Most certainly not. First, what are meta tags? They are lines of code included in what web development professionals call the “back end” of your website. They are primarily seen by the search engines and not your customers, although your title tag can appear at the very top of the displayed page in the browser tab, where most people don’t see it.

One important thing to consider before we continue; the search engines make their money by providing their users with accurate, relevant information in response to search inquiries. Anything you can do to make that job easier will be rewarded, with better rankings.

Basic meta tags consist of Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keyword tags. Originally these tags were meant to provide the search engines with information about the website, what the products or services were and other relevant information. People being people they started to “embellish” their meta tags and eventually the search engines decided they could no longer trust the information and stopped relying on meta tags.

Fast Forward to today and we find that search engines have come full circle. Due to incredible advances in technology they are now able to analyze the content of your website and determine if your meta tags accurately reflect that content. Herein lies an SEO opportunity for the website owner.

If your meta tags are properly constructed (there are guidelines) and well-written, the search engines will often use them as “snippets” to describe your website. This is your chance to suggest; with keywords and phrases in your meta tags, how search engines should describe your business and which search terms should result in your website being displayed in the search results. It’s not foolproof, the search engines still march to their own drummer and since you are not paying them; they can pretty much do what they want. But it is a piece of the SEO puzzle that is there for you to use to your advantage.

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