Two of the most commonly asked questions I get is “What are keywords?” and “How do I know what my keywords are?”. They sound like simple questions but they lead to a basic and crucial step, one of the most important in the whole SEO (search engine optimization) process, keyword research.

Before you do ANYTHING to optimize your website you need to determine your keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases your customers most commonly use to search for your product or service. “Sure”, you might say, “that’s an easy one. I sell fishing charters for chinook and coho salmon so those are two of my main keywords.” If you are a fishing guide then you already know that American anglers refer to chinook salmon as kings and coho salmon as silvers. If you want to attract US anglers you need to make sure your web developer and content writer know that too, and include those keywords. You also need to know that the search term “fishing trips” has 4400 searches but fishing charters has 33,000 searches.

Duncan has up to 10,000 searches in a month, Vancouver Island has up to 100,000 searches a month. It is crucial that you know which keywords your customers will use to look for the products and services you offer and which relevant keywords you should include to maximize the number of positive searches you can possibly get from the search engines.

How do you determine these magic keywords? Research! There are keyword tools available on the Internet, you just need to ask the right questions and know how to interpret the results. That’s where I come in. I have access to the professional keyword tools and I know how to use them to your best advantage. Never underestimate the power of basic keywords.

At $100 my Basic SEO Package is an excellent investment to make in your online business. Contact me for more information.