SEO – Money Well Spent?

Okay, you have a business website, what next? You may drive traffic to that website by reaching out to the customers in your area, handing out business cards or with an ad in the local newspaper. You may go farther afield by advertising in an industry specific targeted magazine or by putting a rack card on the Ferry. This is called “out bound marketing” and the scope is limited to those whom you can physically reach. Your website has the ability to bring everybody in the world to your business. This is called “inbound marketing”. Inbound marketing is the reason […]

Search Engine Rankings

When was the last time you used a phone book to look up a business? Do you even HAVE a phone book? Today 62% of consumers use the Internet and search engines to look for products and services. If you have a business; you need to be easily found on the search engines. Research shows that, when considering a major purchase, consumers will often visit a company’s official website to learn more about them. This is your opportunity to inform your customer and instill confidence in your products and customer service. Having a strong, informative, and honest, online presence will […]

Meta Tags

Are basic meta tags a little old fashioned? Yes. Are they passé? Most certainly not. First, what are meta tags? They are lines of code included in what web development professionals call the “back end” of your website. They are primarily seen by the search engines and not your customers, although your title tag can appear at the very top of the displayed page in the browser tab, where most people don’t see it. One important thing to consider before we continue; the search engines make their money by providing their users with accurate, relevant information in response to search […]


Two of the most commonly asked questions I get is “What are keywords?” and “How do I know what my keywords are?”. They sound like simple questions but they lead to a basic and crucial step, one of the most important in the whole SEO (search engine optimization) process, keyword research. Before you do ANYTHING to optimize your website you need to determine your keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases your customers most commonly use to search for your product or service. “Sure”, you might say, “that’s an easy one. I sell fishing charters for chinook and coho salmon […]

Organic Search

Did you know that most websites are invisible? Not invisible to the business owner of course, or to their mothers, their kids and their friends, but invisible to their customers. Statistics show that over 90% of websites are not found through basic Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. searches (known as organic search results). Organic search results are free and happen when the search engines decide to display your website in response to a customer inquiry. You want good organic search results (page 1 would be nice) because once you have a good page ranking it works round the clock to bring […]