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Cowichan Valley SEO Services for Individuals & Businesses

I’m #1! Has a Good Ring to it. SEO Brings Your Website Front & Centre on the Search Engines!

SEO = Search Engine Optimization. I specialize in Content SEO. This means I identify the keywords your customers use to search for you, then make recommendations on how to style your content to attract both the search engines and your customers.

For example, let’s say you sell fishing trips out of Cowichan Bay and a customer opens Google and searches for “fishing trips Cowichan Bay”.
They find your website on page 1 – wonderful!
Page 2 – not great but not bad.
Page 3 – kiss of death, when was the last time YOU scrolled to page 3?

What can you do to improve a page 2 or 3 ranking?
I can recommend ways to make your Cowichan Bay fishing website attract both the search engines (like Google) AND your customers. The better ranking your website pages have in search results (ie: #1 on page 1 of Google, the Holy Grail of SEO) the more likely you are to have customers land on your website. Of course, once you get them to your website you have to sell them your product or service; but getting them there is the first step.

SEO refers to the process of improving (optimizing) the content of your website to increase its ranking on the search engines when potential customers search for the products or services you offer.

“Keep it simple, create content that accurately reflects what you are selling, then optimize that content, keeping in mind that you are serving two masters; your customers and the search engines. The content must entice your customers, but to get your customers to your website you must first woo the search engines.” That’s what I do best.

These days, almost everyone has a second revenue stream and that revenue stream is often based online. Make sure you are maximizing the return you are getting for the work you are putting into maintaining your website. Invest in Content SEO!

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SEO Package

Basic SEO Package ($100)
  • Review of your website
  • Keyword Research
  • Recommendations for optimizing your meta tags & page titles
  • Recommendation for an optimized footer
  • Recommendations for optimizing your home page content

Please note: this package does not include making updates to your website.

I am offering Content SEO to businesses in the Cowichan Valley area (SEO Cowichan Valley) and all business owners who want to improve their ranking on the major search engines like Google.

Holly Warren, Owner

My name is Holly Warren, I have been in the SEO business since the 90’s, before it was called SEO. Check out my About page for more information on my background. These experiences helped me to understand how SEO related to website development and formed the philosophy I work by today.

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